Art-T. #7 – ‘Bent objects’ by Terry Border

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Terry Border was born in 1965 in Indianapolis (USA).

A marshmallow, bent wires as arms and legs, a mini camera and the Eiffel Tower in the background: Terry Border stages his vision of the ‘American tourist in Paris’.

With pieces of wire and a few props, he brings food and ordinary objects to life in wacky scenes with a sharp sense of humour and poetry. Each sketch tells a story, a chapter of the ‘secret life of everyday things’.

‘A Closer Look At Bent Objects’ – by writer Ralph Jones:

« In 2006 Terry Border started what he calls his ‘Bent Objects project’, mainly because all the other blog names were already taken.
Basically, the project concerns adding wire to ordinary objects to help pose them as living characters, usually telling a story, and then photographing them.
For some reason people liked it.« 

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9 réflexions sur “Art-T. #7 – ‘Bent objects’ by Terry Border

  1. Super ! Merci pour la découverte ! J’aime beaucoup le cliché des bananes. Peut-être parce que je suis moi-même couchée à l’heure où je t’écris ! La présentation en diaporama rend vraiment bien !


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