Globe-T. came to me as an idea as I was returning from a faraway trip, to Sri Lanka and the Maldives. Such wonderful destinations – little corners of paradise. I couldn’t bring myself to put an end to such an enchanted time. As I usually did when returning from my travels, I needed something to cushion my landing, to make it a kiss landing, as pilots say.

Some time after my return, I spotted this little winter hat on a shelf in my cabin in the mountains. He looked so sad! As I came closer, he whispered in my ear: « I want to see the world! »

How could I refuse? I’ve never done well with saying ‘no‘…

And so, the story of Globe-T., the travelling Winter Hat, as my travel companion with ideal measurements (height: 7 cm, diameter: 5 cm, ideal weight: 10 g), began.


Globe-T.’s humble goal is to escape the headlines in the news for a while (crisis, epidemic, scandal, disaster…), to encourage you to see the world from a different point of view (one belonging to a woolen winter hat, only a few centimeters tall), and to bring a breath of fresh air; a feeling of being elsewhere.


Globe-T. accompanies me on every one of my trips, nestled in my pocket, and comes out quite regularly for a quick photo session. Almost like a real life fashion model, he tends to attract a few curious onlookers among the passers-by.

Shortly thereafter, I share the pictures he chooses, with you. Many of them don’t pass the first round of his quality control: « no, not that one, it’s an unflattering angle »; « not this one either, I have a cowlick »; « I look a little pudgy in that one ». You can’t even imagine how self-conscious a woolen winter hat can be!

None of the pictures of the Travelling winter hat are photoshopped or digitally edited, apart from a few filters at most.


For more detailed information about Globe-T., I suggest you swing by the about page. To get to know the travelling Winter Hat, check out his Identi-T. page and to follow his – our – travels around the world, take a look at the destinations

Globe-T. even has his own Facebook page and his Twitter account. Join the communi-T.!


Finally, let me just add that this page has no political, religious or ideological aim whatsoever.

Come and escape everyday life for a while!

Jerome L.

30 réflexions sur “The creator

  1. What an adorable idea! Yours will be the first blog I follow… I love your photos, especially the fact that you aren’t photoshopping them!


  2. I love your blog. I seldom leave my home these, but I’m a very good armchair-traveler and you make it possible for me to see such beautiful places. Thank you.


  3. Jerome…..the premise of your blog is clever, witty, unique, and made me smile. I will be following Globe-T (and you ) faithfully.

    Bien viaje, y bueno sombrero!



  4. This is just great! Wearing a tiny globe on my necklace I can understand this little winter hats feelings … the world is a magnificent place and there is so much to see. Travel on!
    Best greetings soulsister / Katrin


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