Art-T. #8 – ‘Latte art’ by Kazuki Yamamoto

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Kazuki Yamamoto, barista at the Cafe 10g in Osaka, Japan, is an expert practitioner of ‘latte art’, a technique that consists of making drawings or motifs on the frothy surface of a cappuccino.

He’s grown famous by using a simple toothpick to draw animals, portraits, and
two-dimensional characters for his customers.

The new challenge he’s set for himself is to bring some volume into his work. At present, he not only draws in the milk foam, he sculpts it in three dimensions. Giraffes, bears, pandas, cats or cartoon characters pop out of the cups like toys or stuffed animals.

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9 réflexions sur “Art-T. #8 – ‘Latte art’ by Kazuki Yamamoto

  1. It’s so good not to know everything alone. People are great, & a joy to Enjoy great Art, Brilliant..!
    I would buy a Latte’ just to Admire it, it would be a shame to drink it.. Great photo work..


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